Feed the right food

PetVet carries an extensive range of  Royal Canin  Life Stage and prescription diets. This super premium product caters specifically for your pet’s requirements. Improvements will be noticed in both skin and body condition  on the various maintenance diets which take into account your pets life-stage ,size and level of activity.
The quality of food you feed your puppy from day one will reflect its overall development.
We recommend feeding dried food as it is better for the teeth, acting like an abrasive, thus cleaning them.Royal Canin also have a range of breed specific diets which cater for the breed requirements, such as joint care and weight control  in the larger breeds, dental and skin care in the smaller breeds.The prescription diet range caters for diseases that your pet may develop such as kidney disease for example – Renal food having the minimum sodium, and phosphorous levels which help reduce the workload for the kidneys and thus extending your pets life.
If you require any assistance or a free sample bag, please do not hesitate to ask any of our staff who are all qualified Pet Health Counsellors.
Other foods which we recommend  are Hill’ Science diets and Eukanuba.
The most important thing to remember that you are what you eat! And that applies to your pet also!