Microchip Identification

PetVet recommends that all animals are microchipped.

This involves inserting a chip, which is the size of  a grain of rice, in under the skin. It is similar to receiving an injection  and can be done routinely when the animal is being vaccinated or having a check up.

The chip has a 15 digit number imprinted on it and this can be read with a scanner. The client fills up a form with all the relevant contact details and this is then posted or emailed to a central database www.fido.ie

If your pet gets lost or hurt and is brought to a pound or veterinary surgery, it is then scanned and the number read with the scanner. This is then emailed to the  database and your contact details are released (only to vets,pounds etc.) and you can be re-united with your pet.

If you intend travelling abroad with your pet, please remember that microchipping and the rabies vaccine are mandatory.