PetVet diagnostic laboratory has the capability to analyze the majority of routine blood and urine specimens on site. These include haematology; biochemistry; electrolytes; thyroid testing; bile acids to determine liver impairment ; feline leukaemia and AIDS tests; microscopic examination of bloods smears and skin scrapes to name but a few. The availability of an in-house service significantly enhances both the ability and the timeliness to diagnose and treat the pet’s medical condition.

PetVet also utilizes commercial veterinary laboratories for specialized diagnostics and consultations to provide a complete lab service. PetVet Radiology Services boasts a state of the art digital radiology system on site fully supported by a specialist Veterinary radiologist. The x-rays can be viewed within seconds of being taken and are then e-mailed to our radiologist for an expert opinion
Both of these diagnostic tools places PetVet in a unique position in County Wexford to rapidly diagnose and treat pets in a timely manner without a dependency on outside providers.